-2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards Bronze Medal Winner-
Andre Carter
SHe Knows Cover Photo

She Knows (2016)

Cynthia Warren never knew the feeling of emotional abandonment. But in her marriage, she was neglected of understanding, appreciation, protection, nurturing, and love. And despite everything that she knows, Cynthia refuses to disavow her union. Until, one day...


Fix My Man Cover Photo

Fix My Man (2016)


A Profile in Black Cover Photo

A Profile In Black (2015)

And just when we thought that times had changed for the better, we discover that times have not changed too far from the worst.


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Son Cover Photo

Son (2015)

A provocative and intriguing fictional story of the love, hate, and separation of a single mother from her son because of her decision to date a man that is not her son's father. Should relationship happiness be sacrificed because of maternal love? No one loves him more than his mother.


Fried Fish Cover Photo

Fried Fish (2014)

A gender love story...Order your Copy today! This novel will change attitudes!!


69 Ways Cover Photo

69 Ways (2010)

This book was written soley with the intentions of it being a fun alternative guide to making couples or individuals more aware of the most common detriments encountered in preventing a healthy and emotionally gratifying relationship. The sixty-nine topics presented and discussed in this book were chosen after an exhaustive and extensive three-week debate. After listening to countless stories of courtships and dating disasters, I give all the respect in the world to couples that are really trying to maintain a committed relationship because that shit ain’t no joke! I sincerely hope that this book becomes a fingerprint in your life.



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