-2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards Bronze Medal Winner-
Andre Carter
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Andre was born in Long Island, New York. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia when he was "too young to remember" and claims the city that is "too busy to hate" as his home. He has one older brother that resides in Los Angeles, California. Both young men were reared in a strict upbringing where education and spirituality were core values in their childhood development.

Andre obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. He is also a graduate of Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia. His current published titles are 'Son' (fiction), 'Fried Fish'(fiction), 'A Profile In Black' (contemporary fiction), and 'XY - What Men Want' (interpersonal development).

Author Andre Carter developed a strong interest and passion for writing in a very unique manner. At the age of five, his mother began asking him and his brother to tell her about their day during the drive home after she had picked them up from school. There were far too many instances when the lulls in the conversation were just too unbearable for her. It was a life-changing moment in the author's childhood when his mother said to him and his brother, "Since you two act like it's too hard for you to say what's on your mind around me, then maybe it'll be easier for you to say it with pencil and paper." The two brothers were required to spend an hour in their rooms after school during each weekday in order to prepare a one page hand-written journal that was to be read aloud to their mother at the kitchen table. Andre, literally, fell in love with the routine and quickly adapted to it like a fish to water. His very first communication, outside of the journals that he read to his mother, was a four-page, front and back, love letter that he presented to his eighth grade girlfriend. 'Son' is a fictional novel that is centered on the strong presence, role, and influence that his mother played in his development. "Writing is my therapy," Andre says. "It gives me a better understanding of who I am and my interpretation of my life experiences."


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