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A. Montellus C. was born in Long Island, New York. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia when he was "too young to remember" and claims the city that is "too busy to hate" as his home. He has one older brother that resides in Los Angeles, California. Both young men were reared in a strict upbringing where education and spirituality were core values in their childhood development.

A. Montellus C. obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. And he is also a graduate of Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia. His current published titles are "Crazy For A Man" (fiction), "Code D.A.N." (fiction), and "69 Ways" (relationship improvement).






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'XY - What Men Want' will be the topic of conversation and debate for years to come. NOW LET THE HEALING BEGIN!





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Fried Fish

"Fried Fish" by author Andre Carter, a gender love story...Order your Copy today! This novel will change attitudes!!







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Lips of A Strange Woman

Cynthia Turner is a young woman that is determined to be the best mother, wife, and daughter that she can possibly be while in the midst of stuggling with her faith in God, herself, and her husband. Eloping to the big city with her much older husband and infant child, Cynthia has had to make many sacrifices, financially and emotionally, in order to cope with the mental pressure of wanting to go back to school and earn her degree. But the course of events takes a drastic turn because of the news she receives from woman she has never known. Don't let strange lips ruin your relationship. The choice is always yours!

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Code D.A.N.

Why does racism continue to be a very divisive topic of conversation in America? Author A. Montellus C. boldly kicks the door down with his response to this haunting question in "Code D.A.N.", a fictional novel that explores the life of Brandon Seth Michaels and his very small and close-knit family. "Code D.A.N." is explosive and relentless in its detail and accuracies of the struggles of a young Black American male who does everything he has been taught is right in order to be successful in a society that has seemingly grown tired of trying to appease a race of people that has become irrelevant. Know the Code!!

69 Ways

69 Ways

This book was written soley with the intentions of it being a fun alternative guide to making couples or individuals more aware of the most common detriments encountered in preventing a healthy and emotionally gratifying relationship. The sixty-nine topics presented and discussed in this book were chosen after an exhaustive and extensive three-week debate. After listening to countless stories of courtships and dating disasters, I give all the respect in the world to couples that are really trying to maintain a committed relationship because that shit ain't no joke! I sincerely hope that this book becomes a fingerprint in your life.

Crazy For A Man

Crazy for a Man

What happens to the relationship between a single mother and her son when she decides that it is time for her to finally start dating again as her son begins his high school years? Find out in this compelling and gripping novel by A. Montellus C. 'Crazy For A Man' (Part 1) is cutting edge and uncensored in its approach to a topic that has been a very compelling topic of conversation in the Black American community for years. "I don't know what your problem is but you need to get a hold of yourself. And I mean in a hurry.", his mother said. Anthony kept his mouth shut but moved his head from left to right in a very slight motion. "What's that for?", his mother demanded. "Do you have something that you want to say to me? I know you probably think that you're a man now since you got two or three strands of hair on your damn face, but I'm still the one taking care of your narrow behind. In two more years you'll be out of high school and when you turn eighteen the law states that I don't have to do nothing else for you. So you just keep right on acting crazy. As soon as you walk down that aisle and pick up your diploma I'll take your ass to the nearest military recruitment station."


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Just finished my latest ficitional novel. Trying to prepare myself mentally to write this next book, which is my mother's story. She received eternal life on July 7, 2007 after her secret bout with lung cancer. The woman was most certainly one of God's best creations.

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